Extract Fans

Extract Fans
Individual extract fans are a cost-effective way to ventilate your wet rooms. Our extract fans offer extremely low noise levels, have high efficiency motors and are fully compliant with building regulations. Choose from intermittent or continuous running depending on your needs.

Intermittent Extract Fans
We offer a range of single and twin-speed extract fans designed to ventilate small wet rooms. Our fans can be installed on the wall, ceiling, panel or window. They can be controlled by switch, pull-cord, humidistat or sensor, depending on your needs.

Continuous Extract Fans
Our dMEV fan offers continuous ventilation with extremely low noise levels. Set to provide background ventilation at a low rate, the small and sleek dMEV measures no more than a mini-tablet device, so will fit discretely into your wet room décor.

Bathroom Extract Fans

Kitchen Extract

Extract Fan Accessories