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We offer a vast range of ventilation products to eliminate condensation and improve indoor air quality in your home. From our award winning Drimaster-Eco range to single wet room extract fan, we have the right solution for you. 

Below you will find articles and blogs dedicated to provide you with help and advice on all your ventilation needs.

Drimaster-Eco Selector

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) is an alternative to traditional ventilation systems and was invented by Nuaire in the 1970s. PIV works by creating positive pressure inside the home, forcing excess moisture, as well as other pollutants, out of the house. Today, Nuaire has a range of PIV systems known as Drimaster-Eco. There are 8 models

How PIV Works

Positive Input Ventilation, or PIV, is a method of whole-home mechanical ventilation using a single system stored in the loft. Nuaire invented PIV in 1972, introducing the world to the Drimaster. Today, Nuaire has a range of Drimaster units that include a heating element, ECO smart controls, and NOX filters – as well as a

The Dangers of Radon Gas

What is Radon Gas? “Each year in the UK over 2000 people die from lung cancer, developed as a direct result of exposure to Radon. The gas accounts for the second greatest number of lung cancer cases in the UK, second only to smoking.” UK Radon Association. Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas. It


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Our customer support and aftersales team are made up of over 30 people based at our manufacturing plant in Caerphilly, South Wales. Both teams are on hand to offer over 25 years’ experience in helping to assist customers with the right ventilation solutions. Call or email us with your ventilation worries and we can provide expert advice on which solution is right for you. Contact us today on 029 20858 200 or email