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How PIV Works

Positive Input Ventilation, or PIV, is a method of whole-home mechanical ventilation using a single system stored in the loft.

Nuaire invented PIV in 1972, introducing the world to the Drimaster. Today, Nuaire has a range of Drimaster units that include a heating element, ECO smart controls, and NOX filters – as well as a combination of these benefits.

  1. The unit continuously draws fresh air from outside in through the loft
  2. The air is filtered to remove harmful pathogens such as road traffic emissions (NOX), pollen, and radon
  3. Fresh, filtered air is continuously fed into the home through a ceiling-mounted diffuser
  4. The flow of air dilutes and displaces warm, moist air within the home
  5. As the air circulates, it pressurises the home from the inside out, driving out excess moisture as well as allergens and volatile chemicals.