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Black Mould in Your Home

What is Black Mould?

One of the most common types of mould in our homes is called ‘black mould’, this type of mould thrives in damp, wet areas when humidity levels are high. This mould is also quite recently known as Toxic mould and is damaging to our health.

How does mould form in my house?

Mould is formed by excess moisture in the air, and you may not realise it, but just by performing everyday activities such as cooking, bathing and drying clothes indoors, and even breathing, generates excess moisture in the air. In poorly ventilated homes, the moisture will migrate and find its way to the coldest areas and settle, forming wet environments which are the perfect breeding grounds for mould. The longer this damp problem is left untreated, the more at risk you are from having black mould develop in your house.

If you suffer with black mould, this is an indication that moisture levels are above those acceptable, and its growth can affect your health and stain décor and furniture.

How to prevent black mould?

Having the right ventilation in your home is crucial to eliminating condensation. Nuaire has been manufacturing ventilation units for many years and our tried and tested positive input ventilation units (PIV) are just right for the job. The proof? Our PIV units have been installed in over 1 million homes throughout the UK.

Impact on my health

There has been a lot of coverage in the media over the last few years, and most recently on research on the impact of what poor indoor air quality has on our health. If mould is allowed to grow and produce spores in great numbers, it can exacerbate health conditions for those suffering from asthma, or with respiratory or pulmonary conditions. There are several different types of mould that can grow in your home and not all are easily spotted.

If you are suffering with black mould in your home, and want to speak to a ventilation expert, you can contact us on 029 20858 500 and we can recommend the right solution for you. Alternatively view our PIV range of ventilation systems.