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Drimaster-ECO 4 way Switch


Nuaire’s Drimaster-Eco 4 way Switch is a wireless, 4 button switch that can be fitted anywhere in the home either by its adhesive backing or with screws (screws not supplied). This 4 way switch is an optional extra that can be purchased with the DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC, DRI-ECO-NOX-HEAT models of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units. Through radio frequency (RF), this switch allows the homeowner to control not only the boost function of the fan for additional ventilation, but also whether or not they want the heating element turned to operate on “Auto” or “Off” mode.

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The benefit of having the manual control is allowing the occupant to manage additional ventilation if required during times of demand such as cooking, bathing or cleaning. (Optional to boost the ventilation rates for a length of time or automatically returns to normal mode after 2 hours).

Additional information

Additional Information

The 4 way switch works in conjunction with the Drimaster-ECO Humidity Sensor (DRI-ECO-RH) and the Drimaster-ECO CO2 Sensor (DRI-ECO-CO2)

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