Save energy whilst preventing condensation with an MVHR system from Nuaire.

MVHR, or Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, is the most effective method of ventilating your new build home. It replaces the need for individual extract fans and trickle vents. It’s also fully-controllable to suit your home and lifestyle.

An MVHR system will keep condensation at bay and remove pollutants from the air. And by recovering otherwise wasted heat, it will give you a little extra free heating.

Our MVHR systems work by extracting moisture-laden, stale air from ‘wet’ rooms into a unit located in a loft, cupboard of ceiling void. The stale air is extracted to outside but 95% of the otherwise-wasted heat is recovered via a heat exchanger. Fresh air from outside is filtered and gently warmed by the recovered heat before being delivered into the living areas of your home.

Condensation is minimised, air quality improved, and all the while your heating bills are kept low as warm air is recirculated when needed. In warmer seasons, the heat exchanger is automatically bypassed giving you free summer cooling to make your home more comfortable.

Nuaire offers the widest range of MVHR Systems available in the UK, all made in its factory in South Wales..  Each model is designed to meet the latest Building Regulations with some of the best SAP scores. With a unit designed for every conceivable property type, size and layout, we can ensure you get the right system and correct design for your property and needs.

How it Works

Which Unit do I need in my Home?

Installing an MVHR System

When it comes to installing your MVHR unit, Nuaire can provide all the ducting and ancillary products that you need to complete your installation.

Our free design service, BPEC accredited training and best practice installation guide will provide guidance on how to install your unit, so you achieve optimum efficiencies and performance and are fully compliant with building regulations.

Why choose an MVHR System

Modern homes are built to be airtight with very low leakage rates. This makes them highly energy-efficient but also means condensation and pollutants can remain trapped inside the home. Installing extract fans in all wet rooms can help to reduce moisture levels, but as the stale air is extracted so the so the warmth is lost. An MVHR system is a robust and energy-efficient method of ventilating your entire property. 

  • MVHR offers year-round ventilation for your whole home – no need for extract fans
  • Condensation, pollutants and allergens are removed - excellent indoor air quality
  • Up to 95% of heat is recovered – energy bills are reduced
  • Widest range and free design service - system and design tailored to your home and needs
  • MVHR summer bypass available – free summer cooling in warmer weather
  • MVHR integral humidistat is available – automatic control of excess moisture levels

Condensation Problems

Don’t let damp and mould damage your health.

Why Ventilate?

Solve ventilation problems with our MVHR range.


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