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MEVDC2 Multi-Point Extract Ventilation

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MEVDC2 offers a simple and cost-effective alternative to installing multiple extract fans. The MEVDC2 is a centralised extract system that can ventilate your entire property in place of individual extract fans. The low profile central mechanical extract fan can be mounted in any orientation, offering flexible and hassle-free installation, while the low watt motors provide high performance extraction with low noise levels. 


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A simple approach to whole-home ventilation for customers who wish to extract stale air in place of installing extract fans in each wet room. MEVDC2 falls under the ‘Mechanical Extract Ventilation’ category and is sometimes knows as Multi-Point Extract.

The unit can be installed at either first or second fix stage, and can be fixed horizontally or vertically which makes installation quick and easy. At only 190mm deep, the low profile MEVDC2 is designed to save space whilst providing high performance ventilation with low running costs.

MEVDC2 will extract stale air from homes with one or more wet rooms. It complies with building regulations and provides reliable, low-energy ventilation.


Meets Regulations
Meets Building Regulations

Quiet Operation
Ultra-quiet and efficient ventilation - the latest technology in low-watt DC fans provides quiet operation, with reduced power consumption, operating costs and life cycle costs

Easy Installation
Quick and easy installation - units can be fixed at any plane ensuring quick installation at 1st or 2nd fix stage

Whole Home Ventilation
Reliable whole home ventilation - extracts moisture from all wet areas and provides continuous extraction that will only increase to a higher rate when extra levels of ventilation are required

Compact and Efficient
High performance yet compact - at only 190mm deep, the unit saves space and ventilates up to 100l/s

Easy to Use
Simple controls allow simple ease of use

Easy Commissioning
Easy commissioning - one fan within system

Seasonal Control
Summertime boost facility

2 year warranty: 1 year parts and labour, remaining year parts only


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