Ventilation Solutions for Homeowners

Nuaire offer a vast range of ventilation solutions to suite your property type. Whether you are looking for whole house solution or a single bathroom or kitchen fan Nuaire can offer guidance and advice on getting you the correct solution for your property type. Call us today on 02920858200 or email

Why it's important to ventilate your home

Condensation dampness occurs when not enough fresh air is coming into the home to push out the stale, moisture-laden air. In order to reduce humidity and improve indoor air quality, an average of four ‘air changes’ per hour is required.

If your home is under ventilated, you'll notice streaming windows, musty smells and even patches of black mould. The problem is excess humidity. The average family of four produce around 17 pints of water per day through everyday activities and this moisture is the cause of condensation dampness. This damp environment encourages dust mites to breed and mould spores to germinate, both of which trigger asthma and allergic symptoms. Keeping your home well-ventilated ensures you remove the mould-spores and dust mite allergens that flourish in humid conditions. It will also ensure harmful pollutants are eradicated.

That’s a job for whole-house ventilation – a system that treats the air throughout the home, not just in localised areas. The visible signs such as streaming windows and black mould are usually found in the coldest parts of the home, not necessarily the areas producing the most moisture.

Tackling condensation and the solutions Nuaire offer

If you’re looking to tackle condensation dampness and banish mould in your home and want to improve your indoor air quality, we can help. Nuaire started tackling condensation back in 1972 with our Drimaster-Eco (PIV) systems and today the technology we invented is still the only known cure for this common problem.

You may be looking for a low-energy, low-noise extract fan for your wet rooms. Our ranges use the very latest technology to reduce humidity when you need it with ultra-low running costs. Flexible installation options and sleek, discrete designs mean our extract fans will fit seamlessly into your home.