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Ventilation Solutions for Homeowners

Good indoor air quality is important. Keeping your home well-ventilated ensures you remove the mould-spores and dustmite allergens that flourish in humid conditions. It will also ensure harmful pollutants are eradicated. Our products can help you do this cost-effectively and with proven success.

If you’re looking to tackle condensation dampness and banish mould in your home, or simply want to improve your air quality, we can help. Nuaire started tackling condensation back in 1972 with our Drimaster PIV systems and today the technology we invented is still the only known cure for this common problem.

You may be looking for a low-energy, low-noise extract fan for your wet rooms. Our ranges use the very latest technology to reduce humidity when you need it with ultra-low running costs. Flexible installation options and sleek, discrete designs mean our extract fans will fit seamlessly into your home.

Condensation Problems

Don’t let damp and mould damage your health.

PIV - Damp Cure

The simple way to cure damp for good.


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