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The DRI-ECO-CO2 is an optional, remote sensor that has been created to work alongside the PIV units in Nuaire’s DRI-ECO range which have radio frequency capabilities. This sensor tracks the levels of Carbon Dioxide as PPM (Parts Per Million) in the home and should they rise above a set point it sends a signal to the unit mounted in the loft to boost, in order to provide additional ventilation and therefore maintain a healthier indoor air quality. Whilst the sensor and PIV unit communicate via radio frequency, the device itself must be wired in to the mains power supply of the property. The combination of this technology alongside PIV is unique, and establishes Nuaire as market-leader.

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Being a remote control, the DRI-ECO-CO2 sensor can be fitted anywhere in the home, either by the adhesive backing it is supplied with, or with screws (not supplied). To power the unit it must be wired directly in to the mains supply of the property; however it boosts the PIV unit it is bound to via radio frequency. 

Carbon Dioxide is measured as PPM and the point at which the CO2 sensor will boost your PIV unit to reduce these levels can be programmed via the sensor itself. Following this, the running functions between the sensor and PIV unit become automatic, ensuring the quality of your indoor air is maintained effortlessly.

This sensor can also work in conjunction with Nuaire’s DRI-ECO-RH device which measures the percentage of humidity in the property’s indoor air. Whilst also communicating with the PIV unit in the same way via radio frequency, the Relative Humidity sensor does not need to be wired in to the mains supply of your property but instead runs off 2 x AA batteries (provided) and alerts the PIV unit to boost should the level of humidity rise above the set point.

There are also 2 switches you can choose from that offer BOOST functions, one of which has the option to turn the heater on to AUTO mode or OFF when working in conjunction with the DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC only.

These codes are:-
DRI-ECO-2S (for use with DRI-ECO-LINK-HC only)
DRI-ECO-4S (for use with DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC only)

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